Who am I?

Hello people miles away !

Im new here. But this is my second post..I dont even know what am doing here..There are many thoughts ideas issues I want to talk about but I can hardly voice out my feelings unless I write.

So I chose to be a part of your 🌎 world considering there are many people out there who wish to express themselves through writing…

Its been years since I have stopped writing now im getting back to it.. Its like I have lost practice 😃haha.. Well i just hope that I can make it through.

Lets hope so 😄

Thank you all for taking time to read ^^



Today i chose to write about love. Why? Because love nowadays seem to disappear. There was a time when men understood the language of Love whether it is love between two or more persons or love for animals.

Love ! What is Love really? Personally I do not think anybody can define Love in its true sense. Is it attachment? Is it what binds two persons together? Is it devotion, passion? well I cannot really answer this question. Long ago there was no sex without love but nowadays there is sex without love. No sooner you find a gorgeous person be it man or woman you fall prey to this vicious circle: Your place or mine?

The society in which we are living in has lost the importance of Love. We have forgotten how to love our children our parents our religion our people our nation . Children are subjected to violence, hatred.  Children are being molested, killed, thrown away. Who is to be blame for this? Us or God? The answer is US! solely US!

Why can’t we teach our children to love? Is it so hard for us. If we as parent do not make an effort who will do it ? We cannot just sit back and wait for a miracle to happen right? Why can’t a father tell his son I Love You my son? Is it about male ego? Aren’t we open enough to our children? Love is not only about male or female. Love should be present in our daily life. With love everything falls back to its place. No hatred no jealousy no grudge..nothing at all…!!

“Self love is not so vile a sin as self neglecting ” -Shakespeare rightly said..when you learn to love yourself love people around you automatically your life will be beautiful. But yes not everyone might agree to what I say as not everyone thinks the same ..! Still la question se pose! Qui est a blamer?? Who is to be blamed??